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Deepak Patel's Story

Hi, I'm Deepak Patel, and I'd like to share a bit of my story with you.

I grew up in India to a normal, blue-collar, working-class family, and I didn't know anything else. I was taught to focus on studies, and pursue the traditional white-collar career path by focusing on getting degrees and a corporate job.


I always have been a good student, while I wasn't always a top student but I did top my school in the final year and then went on to get a bachelors in computer science and then also got an M.B.A later when I moved to Canada.


I was wired to commit my life to corporate and here's what happened

17 Years Dedicated To Corporate World

I started my rat race to financial freedom following a corporate career path that I was shown. I worked in the IT industry starting my journey from India, to the USA and then finally moved to Canada. I worked hard moving up the corporate ladder and before I reached 30 years of age, I was making over $100K income, and I felt pretty good and was considered a "success" story in my family.


By now, I had started to develop a passion for Clients and mastered that part.


To drive my career and life forward, I moved to Sales when I saw salespeople make a tonne of money. This was a big turning point in my life. For multiple years I made over $300K income and in my final year, I made over $720K selling a large $55 Million deal. I have sold over $150 Million deals in my 7 years sales role.

The Beginning Of My Entrepreneurial Journey

By now, I had started to feel drawbacks of the corporate world and while I was doing great, I had hit the ceiling and found myself stuck. I always had the dream to build my own business and knew that was the right path but the question was what should I do and how do I start. We had no background and a young family.


In 2011, after my first son was born, my wife and I decided to start a small business and she quit her full-time job while I continued. We started our first company called Staging Mantras where we helped Real Estate agents sell home fast by providing home staging and design services.


With our sales background, we were able to grow this business form 0 to $350K revenue in 4 years and became one of the top staging company in Toronto, had 3 staff members, staged over 300 homes, owned 3000 sqft warehouse. This is when we dabbled into Marketing and Social Media to build our 1st successful business.

The Beginning Of My Investment Journey

I knew that one only way to build wealth is by Investing. But again we had no family background here. For the past 10 years, we had invested in stocks, mutual funds, single-family homes but I wanted to build an income-producing portfolio given we have young kids, high expenses and business at an early stage.


This is when I started to learn about Multi-Family investing. A good student and all-in mindset I have, I learned everything about it. I went to conferences, met people, got coaching, etc. The best way to learn is by doing it. We went all in and invested $1.1 Million of our savings and build a portfolio from 0 to 72 rental units in 18 months. That's 8 apartment buildings, in 4 different markets in Canada.


We created Be Home Apartments management company and with strategic management, the portfolio is increased to a value of $6.5 Million. To expand in the US market, we created a private investment firm called iThink Investments

My Biggest Decision (and The Best One)

By now I had gained up a lot of experience with business, sales, marketing, investments and was feeling very comfortable to go all-in to pursue my dream to build a successful big business.


Staging business was good but it was not something we could grow fast and we decided to shut that down. Also coming from the technology industry, I knew the power of software, big data, and all social media marketing automation. There were bigger opportunities using the power of man and machine.


I left my full-time sales role and said bye to the corporate world after 17 years and I gave myself 6 months to figure things out. We took some time off with family, went to Aruba and Paris to celebrate our career success and recharge for the entrepreneurial journey ahead. Little I knew what was to come...

My Biggest Failure (and Learning)

13 months go by, I work 14 hours days on my online consulting business and tried a couple of different ideas on sales and multi-family coaching but both failed.


I wrote 2 books, started a podcast, did 100s of videos, created a lot of content, went on all social media platforms, build websites, multiple complex marketing funnels, spent over $52K on Facebook Ads, coaching programs, and more. I just got just one client for my multi-family coaching program (he got amazing results and bought his first 20 unit building in few weeks).


My savings were running out raising two young boys. I even tried getting a temp job in IT but no luck there too. I had to move out of my office. Now I was in pressure and had to step back and look at this very complex problem...

My Epiphany (Finding The Missing Link)

I started to look at everything I had done in my life, what has worked, what did not, my strengths, weakness, and everything on a whiteboard.


While I was doing this, my Financial Advisor came to me one day and he started to tell me his struggles to get meetings with high net worth individuals ($500K+ asset). I learned that he was not using any social media strategy and I told him what I was doing. He immediately became a client and I created a Facebook Ad campaign for him that took me like 1 hour. In a few weeks, we generated over 100 leads, 6 meetings and one person had $6.5 Million assets. 


This was my ah-ha moment. It took me 30 minutes to sell my idea and 1 hour to do the work to get a client and deliver results and make some money. I realized the niche of "Financial Advisor" had a big PROBLEM and they were willing to pay money to solve it. This is the missing link.


All this time I was working hard to solve a "No-Problem" and hence I failed. I was in the best position to help Financial Advisors because I am an expert at sales, marketing, technology and as an astute investor, I understand how to sell to investors complex financial products. And now things get interesting...

17 Months Deep Focused Work With Financial Advisors

I know that big results come from going all-in. I have done that with my investing business and I put my full focus on helping Financial Advisors get meetings.


I have spoken with 525 Financial Advisors, connected with over 8000 on my social media platforms and have reached out to over 1.5 Million Advisors with my Ad campaigns. In addition, I have spent over 1000 hours directly talking to these individuals on phone with my strategy session, live weekly coaching calls, one on one calls and also done 1000s of messages and emails. 


I deeply understand the problems of these individuals and provide a solution.


I now work with over 80 Financial Advisors in my program who are focused on investments, insurance and also recruitment. I work with a wide range of individuals from bread new to experienced to the veteran, from young to old, from different nationalities and backgrounds. All of them having ONE common goal, to build their practice, get clients, use social media and technology, help people with financial planning and insurance and live their "dream" life and achieve financial freedom.


That is what I do now...and I love every bit of it... 

Looking To The Future

Nothing makes me happier than seeing financial advisors change themselves and their lives for better. The problem I have at hand is very complex. People don't have business problems...but they have a "personal problem" that reflects in their business.


It never is hard to teach people techniques and tools. I have built and continue to improve our online platform that has the best toolset. But the challenge of coaching lies in "inspiring" and "motivating" people to take actions..get out their own way and go after their dream like there is no tomorrow. This is a complex problem to solve and I continue to learn "human psychology" to solve this.


Looking ahead we want to work with 1000s of Advisors globally, help advisors get to 6 and 7 figure income, use technology, software, work with individuals and large firms, launch Advisor Master Mind program, and more...

Helped over 100 Advisors

Deepak has crossed a major milestone by helping over 100 Financial and Insurance Advisors via his program to use social media to get clients. He was recently recognized and featured as Top 100 People In Finance Magazine and also was part of the Top 40 under 40 magazine for this continued work to solve a very complex problems.


This is just the beginning of our journey to build a great platform for Financial Advisors using technology, social media and tap into the big opportunity of Financial literacy. We are excited about what the future holds and will continue to innovate with modern tools and methods to help Financial Advisors get to their next level.

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