Profitable Financial Advisory Practice = Clients + Appointments

We help advisors get laser-focused in generating appointments on the simple actions that create massive reactions. You'll find our advisor students creating value, educating people, doing hard work and taking control of their business.

We help traditional advisors

This represents 90% of the advisors today. They are taught traditional methods, that do work but require an enormous amount of time and are simply not efficient in today's world with technology and social media. Using only the old school technique simply will not work today. Their companies are failing to help advisors and that will not change.

Evolve to "new age" advisors

This represents 10% of the advisors today. They know that using technology and social media to build a practice and get clients is the future of this business. But most advisors have the wrong social media strategy that doesn't work. We have worked for years to perfect the most "compliant" social media strategy for the financial industry. We simplify social media platforms, provide a proven process that directly leads to generating more qualified appointments and client acquisition. 

Here's how it works

We provide advisors with everything they need to build a successful financial career and practice.

From the right mindset, exact steps, templates, checklists, community, training, support, accountability, you name it.

  • Proven Process

    We turned the guesswork of advisor-client acquisition into precise science by working closely with Advisors. Follow proven steps and track your progress with reliable metrics until you get the results.

  • Winning Community

    It's hard to build a winning practice surrounded by average people. Join an active community of the "new age" Advisors, get help, learn, brainstorm, have fun and go to your next level.

  • Staged Transition

    It's hard to figure out social media. Most advisors struggle to generate appointments. We have identified the right transition stages to social media while making steady progress and getting results.

  • Mentorship & Support

    No matter how good the training is, you'll always have questions when you implement and go in the real world. Get 24/7 access to coaches via multi-line support channels and get help from fellow advisors.

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Learn only-thing you need

Success in today's information age comes from only doing what works and then "repeating". We teach you the necessary skills and provide you with the necessary tools. Do more with less. 

Advisor Foundation

Pick a target market, identifying problems, focus on high-value solutions, Attract your ideal clients using a systematic process.


Brand positioning, generating leads, appointments, outbound methods, inbound methods, build top of mind awareness.


Proven 1st phone call script, 2nd meeting framework, objection handling, 5-step follow up using ethical persuasion techniques.

Funnels & Automation

Implement our 2 proven funnels to generate leads and appointments even while you sleep and scale your practice fast.


How to manage the entire system and campaigns, optimize each step to gain maximum efficiency.


How to think about your business and life differently to build a practice to support your lifestyle.

Advisor Platform

How to use social media to build your own personal brand/platform, add 5000 prospects each year.

Problem solving

Getting clients is not an easy road. How to think clearly and solve problems to move fast.

Learn from people who do this every day

There is no shortage of "pretend" experts and gurus on the internet. We only teach what we do and have done it for years. We are also constantly improving our methods with our real-life advisor students to stay ahead of the game by miles.

You're in a good company

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